William Kabanda

William Kabanda

Dear Friends,

I just had to let you know of another milestone in our ministry. This past weekend, our William Erisa Kabanda graduated from vocational school with a certificate in Mechanics.
William is our first male to graduate from higher education and we are so proud of him!

William Erisa & his siblings Edith and Samuel were abandoned by their father when they were young, and then later abandoned by their mother as well. At the age of 16, William Erisa was on his own trying to care for his two younger siblings. He was incredibly grateful for his sponsor Becky and how she prayed for him, wrote to him, encouraged him, and enabled him to go to school. He has worked so hard and seeing this picture of him in his cap and gown is a great reminder of God’s love and faithfulness.

We are rejoicing today & thanking God for the opportunity to help these children achieve their goals and become self-sufficient adults. Wow. God is so good. We celebrate His ultimate gift of love in just 6 days!

Merry Christmas!
Much Love,