Projects we're planning working on celebrating!

Dining Pavilion
Funded, ready to start! 45%

This project will provide a purpose-built dining space for all of our children! These renderings show what it will look like when completed:

Victory Primary School | Phase 3 & 4 (Classrooms, Bathrooms, & Multipurpose Room)
Completed! 100%

We are so grateful to tell you that our team has put the finishing touches on the interior of the third and fourth floors of our primary school! We started construction of these two floors in Feb 2022. Through the construction journey God has continually provided resources and guidance above what we expected, and by completing these two floors we are about to double the size of our facility!

Here’s a look at Victory Covenant Primary school by the numbers:

  • Founded in 2006 with 3 students
  • Current enrollment of 244 students!
  • 77 children at the school are part of Victory 1:27
  • 14 Teachers
  • 10 Classrooms
  • 12 Washrooms
  • 3 Administrative Offices
  • 75 lbs of porridge served each week
  • 185 lbs of rice served each week
  • Number of students who love the new playground – ALL OF THEM!

Photos from before this project:

Photos of the completed project!

Farm Project (Agricultural & Educational Use)
Funded, in planning. 35%

Herbert shared with us recently that without our rice and beans fund help during this lockdown, we have children and families that would not have survived. He said: “What would we have done without you? The need to be self-sustaining and grow our own food has never been more clear.”

We are currently searching for a piece of land outside of the city that would be suitable for farming. This would be a place to train and educate our children in the study of agriculture, as well as being a continuing source of food for all of our families.

This opportunity would not only fill a current need, but is also a very exciting potential beginning of our dream to both provide and educate through vocational training. Our vision is to one day have a vocational school where our children, the neediest of the needy, could be the very people who are teaching and training others in both righteousness and vocational skills. Julius in agriculture, Annet and Joyce in fashion and design, Rose in cosmetology, Angel in electricity, William in Mechanics- the opportunities will only continue to expand. Our dream is to raise up leaders for the next generation who will give back to the children following in their footsteps.

This is an opportunity to invest not only in your child’s education, but also in the education and well-being of many future children.

  1. It will be educational.
  2. It will provide food.
  3. It will help them be more self-sustaining. 
  4. There are even opportunities to generate income by hosting other schools and training them in agriculture as well.

The possibility of being able to find land that will become the seed of our vocational dream for our kids, all because of this terrible pandemic, is a beautiful picture of how God takes all of our pain and works everything for good.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

Victory House | Phase 3 (Dormitory)
Completed! 100%

Final Update: Victory House is complete & ready for furniture! They will be ready to move the boys in by January 1st, 2022! 


Update 5/26: Construction on Phase 3 is moving along quickly! See the exciting progress pictures below and continue to pray for all those working hard to finish this much needed living space!

This will be the third floor of Victory House and consist of a dormitory for boys, bathrooms, a room for the dorm supervisor, a lounge, and one more housing unit for our teachers. Here are the latest plans, drawn by our very own civil engineer, Julie Wandera. 

Victory House | Phase 2 (Boarding & Teacher Housing)
Completed! 100%

Update 2/27/21: Phase 2 has been completed! Praise God! This is our very first boarding section for our school and it will be a dormitory for girls, called the Joanne Gentile Dormitory for Girls. Our girls dorm is named after one of our long time sponsors, Joanne Gentile. Joanne went home to be with Jesus a few months ago but had a huge heart for missions, and her memorial fund has been a sweet encouragement to the ministry. We will be able to house 44 girls there, and there are also bathrooms, 4 housing units for our teachers and a housing unit for the Dorm Mother.

We started this project in March of 2020 with $5000 and God has graciously provided enough each month to keep the construction moving. We were able to complete the construction for $38,000. The fact that we have been able to complete this project in the midst of the pandemic is even more amazing. Thank you so much to those of you who have prayed and given so generously.  It will be such a blessing to our Ugandan family!

The children at Victory House are certainly getting an education in building & construction, as the laborers are hard at work on that second floor. God continues to provide for this project and we are zeroing in on what we need for completion.  Pray with us for God’s provision. This will be such a blessing to our children who have nowhere else to live, as well as enabling more of our teachers to have a home close to our school.

Here are the drawings that outline the details of the second floor plan. (Courtesy of our very own Julie!)
The boarding section is going to meet a huge need, as is the additional housing for our teachers.

Victory Primary School | Phase 2 (Additional Classrooms)
Completed and in use! 100%

Phase 2 consisted of 4 more classrooms for our kids. Check out the progress pictures below!

Victory Primary School | Phase 1 (Main Facilities)
Completed and in use! 100%

The Need:

Victory Primary School will meet a tremendous amount of needs, but the need for working bathrooms and an upgraded kitchen were a few of the biggest. See below for the “before” pictures of the facilities that were available to our teachers and students. The bathrooms were simply holes in the ground, and you can imagine what the Ugandan heat and lack of water did to it. On the other hand, that kitchen fed 93 students twice a day, the church family on Sundays, as well as other large gatherings throughout the year.

Not only were these facilities unpleasant to work with, they also prevented the school to gain their accreditation. The faculty did an amazing job for what they had, but we are so excited to be able to support them in this manner. 

Phase 1:

Phase one of the project included working bathrooms with a septic system, as well as an upgraded kitchen with working appliances.  Each one of those will be on an end of the building with classrooms in-between them. See the blueprint below for a layout of the first floor.

Victory House | Phase 1 (Teacher Housing)
Completed and in use! 100%

The Victory House was constructed to house the teachers who currently teach and those that will teach at the Victory Primary School. Due to the traveling constraints in Uganda, we could not have a school without having a place for the teachers. The first floor of the house is made up of 7 apartment units and is located in walking distance to the school.

Our friends in Uganda put this video together to share the progress made on the Victory House.

House of Hope
Completed and in use! 100%

A House for Alvin and Alvic (House of Hope)

These two boys were in and out of the hospital as they struggled with malaria and other sicknesses simply because they could not keep the bugs out of their humble abode. This ministry came along side of them and built a house that not only houses them, but two other families as well! Praise the Lord!