We are so thankful for our partners in ministry!

Mountain View Chapel

PARTNER SPOTLIGHT: Lake of the Woods Church

Lake of the Woods Church has been a long time partner and supporter of Victory 1:27.

The church sponsors five children, and the Lake of the Woods Kids Club sponsors two. They also support our mission with quarterly gifts and are quick to help us with individual projects.  They have been faithful in their prayers for our ministry, and we are so grateful. They have individuals who write to the specific children they sponsor, and it has been amazing to watch those relationships develop. Dave 0’Hara, a member of their missions committee who has struggled with health issues for years, writes to our Praise Kisakye, who has also suffered with many physical problems. The way God has connected this young girl in Uganda with a godly older man in the US has been incredible, and the way they encourage each other is so sweet!

Fairview Baptist Church
Forest Hill United Methodist Church & the Wayside Church