What’s Your Story?

What’s Your Story?

There is so much power in your story. Where you were born, how you grew up, the challenges you overcame or the opportunities you had – these components of our story define who we are and shape our perspective of the world. Every child that needs sponsorship has a story, often of extreme adversity and heartbreaking circumstances. This week we wanted to share a couple of those stories with you, from some of our most recently sponsored children. Despite the hardships in their lives so far, their stories are about to change for the better – because of you.

Lynn, Elsa, & Lesli

Lynn (10), Elsa (11), and Lesli (12) love to sing and dance, and Elsa loves to play sports. Both their mother and father were present in their lives, and their story included a happy family with sibling dance parties and a “normal” home. In 2015, their father died of HIV. In 2021, their mother died of HIV. These 3 precious, happy girls are now orphans. Lynn now lives with one of their aunts, Naomi, while Elsa and Lesli live with their Aunt Martha. This month, all 3 are now sponsored through V127 and able to attend school together.

Joshua, Josiah, & Andra

Joshua (2), Josiah (14), and Andra (15) are children of a local pastor, Julius Omara. Omara provided for the family as well as pastoring the church while their mom, Prossy, took care of the 3 siblings as well as an adopted child. On June 1st of this year, their lives took a tragic turn. Pastor Omara was stabbed to death by a neighbor (news article here) who was upset about land boundaries. Prossy is now widowed, attempting to care for 4 children, and still grieving the loss of her husband. Josiah & Andra are now sponsored through V127, and we’re searching for other opportunities to support their family.

These stories are just a sample of the challenges these children face, circumstances that are almost unimaginable and obstacles that seem insurmountable. But God didn’t write a story that ended at the cross. His story is one of new life, love, and hope. Because of you, each of these children has new hope. Hope for education, community, food, and shelter. Hope that even though today may be hard, tomorrow’s chapter will be better. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being a part of their story. And now they, and this ministry, are a part of yours! The impact you have on their lives will go far beyond what we can predict, and God will use your love and generosity to do amazing things for His kingdom.