V127 May Update – Celebrations & New Endeavors!

V127 May Update – Celebrations & New Endeavors!

It’s been a month filled with many exciting V127 activities, as Pastor Herbert and his son Joshua spend time in the USA for a few weeks. (This is Joshua’s first trip to the USA!) It’s been a great time discussing refinements and opportunities in all areas of the ministry, as well as celebrating our V127 10 year anniversary, visiting churches, and connecting one on one with friends and supporters. We’ve also been trying to splash in some fun, with a trip to DC, Joshua learning how to bottle feed a lamb, and a visit to Sandstone Falls in WV!

Our students finished their first school term in the beginning of May and school reports have been trickling in. Be sure to write and encourage your child in response to their report. They are working hard & they need your words of wisdom and support. The second term begins this week!

Our Julius Tamale, who is studying Agribusiness at Busitema University, was recently featured in the school newsletter! His ginger coffee is being touted not only for its taste, but also for its health benefits. Both of Julius’s parents died of HIV and 10 years ago, life looked pretty hopeless from his perspective. However, he has taken the opportunity that V127 has given him, worked hard, and is thriving in his field of study. We are so proud of him! (Let me know if you would like some of his coffee!)

Thank you to those of you who have given to our playground project! The old equipment has been removed and the new fence has been installed. We are still searching for quality equipment to purchase that will last for many years of playtime, so continue to pray for wisdom and direction. All of the equipment we’ve found in Uganda is metal, and we would like to find something that will better endure the weather conditions, so we are looking here in the US as well. If you have any connections, let us know, as we have a contact in Boston that can put it in a container to ship it to Uganda. We will keep you posted!

The terrazzo floors have just been installed in the 3rd & 4th floors of Victory Primary School. We are getting so close to completion. Hopefully in the next few months we will be able to put in the doors, wall tiling, bathroom fixtures, and give it all a fresh coat of paint. The goal is to have it ready for use by the third term of this year, which starts in early Sept. So exciting!

It recently came to our attention that due to government regulation all teachers in Uganda have to have a degree in education in order to continue teaching after 2028. Our teachers all have teaching certificates, but will now have to continue their studies to acquire a degree in education. This is a positive step, but as you can imagine, it’s also costly and challenging, as they will be working on their weekends and on the breaks between terms. Our average teacher salary right now is $120 a month, comparable to salaries at other schools in the region. Because of this new regulation, we are setting up a teacher education fund to help with this pressing need. For each of our teachers $100 a month will cover the cost of tuition as they pursue their degree. We have 14 teachers who need to continue their education (our Head Teacher Jane already has her degree), so pray with us for wisdom as we try to come alongside and help them with this latest endeavor. Pastor Herbert shared that he thinks a lot of schools will close as a result of this requirement, because there will be such a shortage of qualified teachers. We are determined that the great work God is doing at Victory Primary School will continue for years to come. 

God is continuing to do some amazing things, with a donor who just committed to funding our retaining wall at Victory House, the renovations at the House of Hope, and a corner section of a security wall at Victory Primary School. These were all immediate needs that we identified when we were in Uganda, and we are humbled and overwhelmed at God’s provision through his people. 

Be encouraged friends…God loves you so much! In all of your challenges, know that you are never alone. Just keep trusting him…he is always working, and it is always good.

“Oh Lord, you are my God; I will exalt you; I will praise your name, for you have done wonderful things, plans formed of old, faithful and sure.” Isaiah 25:1

Much Love,