V127 May Update

V127 May Update

Dear Friends,

Happy Mother’s Day! I am reflecting today on my amazing mom, who has now been with Jesus for 30 years, and a grandmother who was fierce in her love for her Savior. I am also thanking God for some incredible Ugandan mothers who love and provide for their children in conditions that are difficult for us to comprehend. For many of them, their main objective in each day is to find food for their family. The conditions are harsh and the poverty is extreme, but their love is abundant. Today I salute Faith, Ruth, Priscilla, Faridah, Rosette, Deborah, Sylvia, Diana, Susan, Margaret, Alice, Rachel, Daisy, Esther, Nalongo, Dorcus, Winnie, and many others who fight each and every day to provide for their children. They are so strong and courageous and they inspire me every day.

Can you imagine not being able to provide an education for your child? Then, imagine the feeling of joy and relief when someone you don’t even know offers to help by sending them to school and praying for them. That person is you. So on behalf of our Ugandan mothers that are still with us and for those who have gone on to be with Jesus, I say a big huge thank you for investing in the future of their children.

Lockdown Update

The covid lockdown continues in Uganda, but Pastor Herbert is hoping it will be lifted next week. There is still no public or private transportation allowed, so our team is continuing to deliver food to many families who are in desperate situations. Our rice and beans fund has been such a blessing in this time. Thank you to so many of you what are helping us provide food to those who are struggling.

Victory House

Even in the midst of the lockdown, the construction continues on the second floor of Victory House. Here is a picture of Teacher Diana, who has been caring for 8 children in her small unit of Victory House. This second floor will provide a desperately needed boarding section for our school. To partner with us in this project visit Victory127.com/Give. The goal is to have it done before the third term begins in September. Pray with us that God will provide above and beyond all we can ask or think! 

Here is a picture of the blocks that our construction workers have made which will soon become the walls of the second floor of Victory House! The only reason that we are able to continue construction during the lockdown is because our construction workers are staying nearby in the new classrooms of Victory Primary School so they don’t have to travel. Even though our children aren’t using those rooms currently, God has used them to continue the work on Victory House!

Specific Prayer Requests

1. Please pray for Grandma Imelda, who has taken in many of our children & currently cares for our Phionah and Ezra. She had a feeding tube inserted this week, and an appointment at the cancer center this week as they try to figure out how to help her with an esophageal tumor.

2. Please pray for James Mugambe. James was in one of our first groups of children & he just completed secondary school. He is hoping to attend university in the fall, but he was just diagnosed with leukemia. Pray for James and all that lies ahead for him.

Support Update

I just sent our May support, and I thought you would be interested in what that looks like. We had 20 different line items in this month’s support, but I wanted to highlight some specific ways we’ve been able to bless those in need.

  • We sent $500 to cover Grandma Imelda’s medical bills thus far.
  • We had $1500 come in to continue construction on our boarding section of Victory House.
  • $1200 for rice and beans.
  • $500 extra for 5 of our children who are boarding at Light Africa.
  • We sent $1160 for 17 children to register for National exams (those in Senior 4 & Primary 7 are required to take the National exams).

That’s just a sampling of what God is doing in and through this ministry with the generosity and love of all of you. Thank you so much to those of you who contribute to our general fund… over $3000 came out of that fund this month alone!

Be encouraged, my friends. God is continuing to do amazing things in and among us. We have received a few more letters from our children, and I wanted to share a portion of this one from Caleb:

“I have written this letter to inform you that I am praying for you and I also want you to know that coronavirus is nothing in Jesus name. Do not be scared, because the hand of the Lord God is upon you. This way, schools have been closed, churches, shops and all means of transport but this will not scare me away from God because he knows everything happening and he is always there to protect us. The Bible says that we are his children so we have nothing to fear. He is the almighty and healer of every disease. I will be happy if this letter reaches you.”

And finally, here is an excerpt of a letter from Teacher Ian. He and his wife Sarah are such an inspiration. They have 4 children of their own and they have also taken in our Pasco and Catherine, who are orphans. He sent this prayer to us:

”Father God, I pray for all the sponsors together with their families and their country at large. I speak and declare healing all over the land. We are standing and trusting in your promises Lord God that by your stripes we are healed.  We command healing in the name of Jesus Christ. These people are a blessing to us Africans… remember them Lord, and have mercy. May you restore what they have lost because of coronavirus. Resurrect everything dead in this season of commemorating the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.”

“Resurrect everything that is dead.” Amen!

Much Love,

* For those who would like to pray for each of our children by name, the full list can be found at Victory127.com/resources.