V127 February Update

V127 February Update

Victory Primary School

We are so excited that God provided the funds we needed to complete Phase 2 of our Victory Primary School construction project! Our team has been working feverishly to get our four new classrooms ready for the 2020 school year that began Feb 3rd. We didn’t quite make that deadline, but we are hoping those classrooms will be in use by next week! We are definitely in need of them, for we have now added P7 to our classes!

New Children

We received 4 new children in December and had 5 children whose sponsors couldn’t continue their support. Praise God, all nine children are now fully sponsored!

If you are a new sponsor, welcome to the family! Make sure to write and introduce yourself to your child…they are anxious to hear from you!

The above photo is Gideon, one of our new children. He is the sixth of Nalongo’s seven children. They were abandoned by their father and their mother suffers from epilepsy & struggles to provide for them. You can learn more about their family in this video, “Nalongo’s Story.”

Victory House

When we were in Uganda, we realized that our Victory House (which houses our teachers) still needed bathrooms in four of the units, more pavers to cut down on the mud, and some other odds and ends. We were able to send the funds to complete those projects last month, so that construction has been proceeding concurrently with the Victory Primary School construction. The Victory House projects are nearing completion, and all of the units are now occupied by our teachers. Hallelujah! (Another benefit of our construction projects is that we are creating jobs, and putting a lot of people to work!)

Victory House Second Floor

Our next construction project will be the second floor of Victory House. We are always asking ourselves “What is the most urgent need right now?” The answer to that is a boarding section for our kids who have nowhere to live, and additional housing for our teachers. I mentioned before that Teacher Diana has 8 children living with her in her small two room unit. Our teachers are incredible in the way they love on our children and sacrifice on their behalf. We now have more teachers than housing units, so this next floor is going to be a huge blessing!

Here is the floor plan for Phase 2 of Victory House:

As you can see, it will provide 4 additional housing units for our teachers, a boarding section for both boys or girls, and a living room where they can gather.

This floor plan was drawn by our very own Julie, who has overcome a life of abandonment and abuse & to walk in faith & even earn a degree in civil engineering. She is a remarkable young woman who is a walking testimony to God’s love and faithfulness. We are so proud of her!

Our friends at The Lake of the Woods church are kicking off our fundraising campaign for the second floor of Victory House by issuing a matching donation challenge! They will match any donations up to $1250 to get the second floor construction started of this exciting new project. To partner with us choose “Construction Fund” on our donation page. Thank you so much!

141 Children!

We now have 141 children in our sponsorship program. We never know when we will receive a new group, so we love to have sponsors waiting for them. If you know someone who wants to change the life of a child in need, send them to Victory127.com/sponsor to fill out the form.

Here is a list of our children…how sweet to be able to pray for each of them by name.
 “The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, and his ears are attentive to their cry”   –Psalm 34:15.

School Report Responses

If you haven’t already, please write to your children in response to their school reports. (Most of you should have them; I am just waiting on a few more) Some did great, some not so great, and some are really struggling. They all need our encouragement! Their challenges are constant & their needs are overwhelming, but a letter from you brings so much joy to their hearts! Email all letters to jan@victory127.com and put your child’s first and last name in the subject line. I will forward them to Uganda and they will print and deliver!

Below is an excerpt from a letter from our Ronen to his sponsor. Ronen just completed P3, which is equivalent to our 3rd grade.

“I send greetings to you for having helped me in the good times and bad. May God bless you greatly, and I am humbled to be able to share his blessings with you. I pray for the protection of angels around you, and the strength of the Holy Spirit in you. Thank you for the gifts you sent to me.

With love,
Atwiine Ronen”

Thank you for all you do to support your children and this ministry. Your impact is felt in the lives of these precious ones each and every day!