V127 August Update | New Heights, Field Trips, & Prayer Needs

V127 August Update | New Heights, Field Trips, & Prayer Needs

Here’s the latest news from our ministries in Uganda!

Victory Primary School

Our Victory Primary School construction project has transitioned from completing Phase 3 to simultaneously working on Phases 3 and 4! For a primary school that has grades P1-P7 to be fully accredited in Uganda the school is required to have a large multipurpose room to administer the P7 national exams. As our team was diligently working on the third floor of the school (containing much needed additional classrooms and bathrooms) they realized that they should also begin work on the fourth floor while the students are on their month long break between their second and third terms. They are currently putting the walls up on the fourth floor, and our next big expense (approximately $10,000) will be putting a roof on the building. After the roof is completed our team will move on to the finish work for both the third and fourth floors. This fourth floor will consist of some administrative office space and a multipurpose room that will be used for exam administration, children’s church, and partitioned for classrooms while school is in normal session. Thank you for praying for wisdom and provision as our school continues to grow, both in students and in height! To financially contribute to the completion of this project, please select the Construction Fund on our give page

General Fund Field Trip

I shared with you in my last update that we took $1520 out of our general fund to send 80 of our Victory Primary School kids on a study site tour (a big field trip). So many of our students have written letters about how much that trip meant to them and the incredible things they learned! Most of them had not seen any African animals before, so they were very excited about the giraffes and lions and tigers and zebras! Our Gideon mentioned that he was so excited to see an “aeroplane” for the first time and he couldn’t believe that it was soooo big! Herbert shared that little Kate Miracle was one of the most excited children when she learned she would get to go on the trip. Here is her letter to her sweet sponsor Anna!

Sponsorship Communications

I have been receiving some letters and school reports from your children and it’s so great to hear from them and see their progress in school. Please write back to them when you get a chance, it is a huge blessing to them! Many are struggling in some of their classes, but keep in mind that they are coming from incredibly difficult situations and face unimaginable obstacles all along the way. The Ugandan educational system is also very rigorous! Some of our secondary students have 12-14 classes at a time. Our job is to be their biggest supporters and encouragers, and your role in their lives is so important. Don’t forget to pray!

Scholarship Fund

We’re so proud of all of our kids, but we are especially excited for those who are going on to vocational school or university. It’s amazing to be able to give them that opportunity when a very small percentage of Ugandan students ever go beyond secondary school. Just to give you an idea of the importance of our scholarship fund, we sent over $9000 in support for our scholarship recipients this term. We have 15 students who are studying medicine, agribusiness, civil engineering, electrical engineering, welding and fabrication, water engineering, fashion and design, catering and hotel management, construction management, accounting, agriculture and animal medicine, & journalism and media studies. Because of the love and support of all of you, their dreams are becoming reality!

Prayer Request

Our civil engineer that oversees all of our construction projects, Julie, had her computer stolen a couple of weeks ago. This was a laptop that we had outfitted with all of the software she needed and hand delivered to Uganda on our 2019 trip. The computer was definitely targeted, as the thief stole that and nothing else while Julie was at church. Please pray that it will be recovered, and that God will give us wisdom in how best to help her.

Opportunities to Share the Ministry

We were so excited to have a speaking opportunity at one of our supporting churches, David’s Community Church in Millersburg, PA this past weekend. Luke Crouthamel, one of our stewards, shared the ministry in depth during the Sunday school hour and also shared briefly during the morning worship service. He did a great job! It was so good for us to be able to talk and share with many friends and supporters there. We are very grateful for their support and look forward to a long partnership in the ministry. If you know of a church that would be interested in learning more about V127, please let us know!

Finally, I want to leave you with an excerpt of a sweet letter from our Anisha to her sponsor Charity:

I have written this letter to inform you that I really appreciate you for paying my school fees. I enjoy my studies because we got a new teacher for Mathematics this year. At first, math was too hard for me, but now its my best subject! 
Before I sleep, I first pray for you! May God Bless You.”

Before I sleep tonight, I am first praying for all of you, that you will “never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer.
Romans 12:11-12

May God Bless You!

Much Love,