A Family Story

Joyce, Julius, Jeremiah, Jovia, and Precious are 5 siblings that were in our very first group of V127 children. Their father died of HIV in 2006, and their mother, Betty, lived with the disease when they first came to us in 2013. She had no way of sending the children to school. Betty died of HIV in 2014, one year after we launched V127. We determined that we would care for these children as if they were our own. At the time Joyce, at the age of 16, was caring for her 4 younger siblings, and Precious was living with sickle cell disease. We moved them into our House of Hope so they would have a safe and stable place to live, and provided food for them with our rice and beans fund. Julius and Jeremiah went to boarding school, (where they both
thrived), and Joyce cared for Jovia and Precious while attending vocational school to study fashion and design.

Joyce graduated and was married to a godly young man named Frank. They have a little girl named Jada and Joyce operates a sewing business out of her home.

Julius is attending Busitema University and working on a degree in agribusiness. Jeremiah is at the top of his class at the Master Cares Secondary School.

Jovia and Precious live in our Joanne Gentile Dormitory for Girls, and they are both thriving at Victory Primary School.

We take heart knowing that Betty saw that her children had loving sponsors who would take care of them and give them opportunities she could only dream of before she died. She would be so proud of these thoughtful, kind, intelligent, amazing kids and all of their accomplishments!