V127 February Update – Scholarship Fund & More!

V127 February Update – Scholarship Fund & More!

Friends, here is the latest news from our ministries in Uganda!

Victory Primary School Phase 3

I shared with you last month that our newest construction project will be the third floor of Victory Primary School. This will be provide us with some much needed classroom space as our school continues to grow. (We currently have 210 kids enrolled in our Kindergarten and Primary School! Wow!) Our workers are clearing the ground to use for block making, and the red soil you see here will be used to make the blocks. We are excited that God provided $5000 to launch the construction, and we will send each month whatever God brings in to continue the work. Please pray with us as we proceed for wisdom and provision. If you would like to help us with this project, you can do so by selecting the Construction Fund on our Giving Page.

V127 Scholarship Fund

Our Stewards team has decided to rename our “Higher Education Fund” the “Scholarship Fund”. This fund is enabling us to provide the scholarships that are needed for our students to attend vocational school or university after secondary school. It is also providing the extra funds required for some of our kids to board at their secondary schools. This term alone, it has benefitted 16 students in secondary school and enabled us to send 14 kids on to higher education!

Currently, Shumayiya is in medical school, Julius is at Busitema University studying agribusiness, and Judith is at Ndejje University studying civil engineering, in addition to 11 of our kids who are studying in vocational school. We have a new web page dedicated to our Scholarship Fund where you can see all of these students and their course of studies. We are soon to have a doctor, engineer, construction managers, mechanics, electricians, caterers, etc. in our midst! Please pray for them as they are working hard to make the most of the opportunities they’ve been given. We know these amazing kids are the future leaders of Uganda! If you would like to be a part of funding these higher education pursuits, you can do so by selecting the Scholarship Fund on our Giving Page.

V127.org – Keep Checking In!

We have some exciting additions to our website (v127.org)! If you haven’t been there lately, please check it out. In addition to our new Scholarship Fund page, you will find the stories of some of our childrenexcerpts from some of their letters,  a look at highlights from the last year in our “Year in Review”, and our new honor cards. These will enable you to give a gift in honor of someone, then print the honor card and send it to them to let them know about your gift. This is a great way to further the ministry while honoring the people we love, or memorializing those we have lost. 

Don’t Forget to Write!

Finally, we are encouraging you today to pray for your child and to write them a letter. (preferably once a month, or at least once per term) We don’t receive a lot of letters back, but you can rest assured that what we send is making an impact. Look at each letter as an investment in the life of your child. I can assure you that they will read them over and over again. You can use our letter form here and attach a photo, if you would like. I have heard many testimonies from our kids of how much your letters mean to them. Thank you for investing not only in their education, but also in their hearts. 

Mary’s Homegoing

Pastor Herbert’s beloved mother, Mary, went home to be with the Lord last week. She was a hardworking, faithful servant who endured so much hardship in her life. She was married to a witch doctor who was volatile and abusive. She barely escaped with her life when Herbert was just 4 years old. She struggled to provide for them, but Herbert says that he is who he is today because of her love and guidance. In a grass-covered one room house, she shared the little they had with anyone who was hungry. Today we celebrate Mary and her strength and resilience, and rejoice in the far reaching impact of her life. 

Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another. No one has ever seen God; but if we love each other, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us.” I John 4:11-12

Much Love,