Jemimah's Story

Jemimah has been in Victory Covenant Church since she was young, but her father died of liver cancer in 2019. Her mother was not in the picture, so she was left with an uncle. He sold their small house under the guise of needing school fees, but then took the money, dropped Jemimah off with a distant relative, and left. That was a dangerous situation, and when Herbert and team found out, they rescued her and brought her to live in our Joanne Gentile Dormitory for girls.

Jemimah is now in a safe place, with a community that loves her, and enrolled in the Light Africa Secondary School.  God has also provided a sweet family in WV to love on her from the US, and I can only imagine the great things He has in store for beautiful Jemimah! (This is stark reminder of the importance of having a boarding section for our boys and girls!)