Christmas Celebration

Glad Tidings of Great Joy!

Christmas is coming! Each year Victory 1:27 works with our team in Uganda to host a community Christmas Celebration. This month-long event is a time of worship, discipleship, activities, fellowship, and gift-giving that provides an amazing opportunity for outreach to the community. Our children look forward to the celebration all year long, and our team is so excited to be able to celebrate, serve, and worship together as they proclaim the birth of Jesus! 

Watch this video to hear about the impact this event has on the community, and see the smiles on their faces as they speak about how excited they are for this Christmas!

It's time to Celebrate

The Christmas Celebration (in Uganda they call it the “Christmas Shower”!) is made up of several different ministries, with the goal of each being to spread the love of the Gospel first to our kids and then as wide as possible to the surrounding community.  The extent of the celebration is directly impacted by your generosity- any gifts we receive above and beyond our goal allow us to do even more and spread the good news of Christmas to more and more people!

Christmas Celebration

This event is an amazing children's service with youth-led worship, dance and drama performances, and a big celebration meal for all!

Community Outreach

Three days (or more!) of outreach, discipleship, and meals for the children of the community- to share the message and joy of Christmas!

Christmas Gifts

Personalized gifts for each of our children and gifts of food for all of our V127 families and hundreds of other families in need in the community.

Help us Spread the Joy!

We need a few things from each of you to make this Christmas Celebration an exciting and joyful time for each member of our V127 family. The deadline for each is November 13th, which is just around the corner!


A Gift for Your Child

Our team in Uganda will use your donation to purchase gifts for each child. They work very hard to personalize the gifts for each of our children so that they receive both something they need (a blanket, backpack, shoes, underwear, sheets, socks, etc.) and things they will enjoy (a toy, soda, snacks). The children will know the Christmas gifts are from you, and that makes them extra special. Additional donations go directly to providing food for the outreach ministry, to bless those who are malnourished and struggling.  We need your donation by November 13th.

Select “Victory 1:27 – Christmas Offering” on the give form to give online, or follow the instructions to give via check. 

A Christmas Letter

We need a letter from you to accompany your child’s gift. The letter is a gift in itself! It doesn’t have to be very long, but it will mean so much to them. We ask that you take a few moments, using the special Christmas Letter form linked below, to send in your letter by November 13th


Please pray for God’s provision, for our team in Uganda as they work tirelessly to put this all together, and that our funds will arrive in Uganda on time as that has historically been a challenging process. 
Thank you so much for your help and for your prayers. We are so excited to bring joy to these that are so dear to our hearts and to share the love of Jesus as we celebrate His birth!

Our Fundraising Goal this year is $20,000!

In 2021 our final total raised was $26,857! We always believe that God provides exactly what He needs to accomplish His purposes, and we are so excited to see what He has in store for this year! Achieving our goal will allow us to continue all of the events and outreach we have done in years past (including more people as our ministry has grown). Any funds beyond our goal will mean more families fed, more joy and hope shared, and most importantly- more opportunity to share and spread the Gospel message this Christmas!

The amount given this year was $28,969 !