How far would you walk for water? | V127 April Update

How far would you walk for water? | V127 April Update

Friends, here is the latest news from our ministries in Uganda!

First Term & School Reports

Our students just completed their first term of school and school reports are trickling in. (I will send yours as soon as I receive it!) Most of them so far have done really well, but some are definitely struggling. Remember that these kids face unimaginable obstacles, and many of them have been in and out of school their entire lives. Your sponsorship is bringing them the stability that they desperately need. Our job is to be their biggest encouragers and supporters. Take a few minutes and write a note to your child in response to their report. Tell them you are proud of them and to keep working hard. The Educational system in Uganda is very challenging, so your encouragement means the world to them!

V127 Scholarship Fund

Here is an update on two of our scholarship fund recipients! We are so excited that Shumayiya just started her first semester of her last year in medical school! A small church in WV has been paying her way through university and we know that the dividends of their investment in her will be many. Also, Judith just began her second semester of college studying civil engineering. If you would like to help support Judith and our other students in higher education, you can do so by donating to our scholarship fund here

Realities of Life in Uganda

When we are hungry we walk a few steps to the refrigerator or the pantry. When we are thirsty we turn on the faucet and quickly fill a glass with drinkable water. Life is very different for our kids in Uganda. Most of our families must search every day to find food to feed their children. Our rice and beans fund is so critically important in fulfilling this basic need, providing nourishment to those that would otherwise often go without. They do not have running water in their homes, so they have to go to a community water source (up to 2 miles away) and carry the water back home in jugs that range from 8-48 lbs. This trip to the spring to gather water is an important part of every day life, and even that water must be boiled before it is able to be used. Here is a short video that Herbert sent of some members of our team going to get water with three of our children, Araphat, Zaituni, and Aaron, for their families. This video provides a glimpse into the area, the terrain, and the challenges of every day life in Uganda.

Victory Primary School Phase 3

The third floor of Victory Primary School is taking shape! I thought you would enjoy this sweet video of our construction workers transporting the blocks they made to the third floor. What a workout! This phase will include additional classroom space and bathrooms. You can help us with Phase 3 of Victory Primary School here! Thank you so much for your continued support as we grow the capacity of our school!

Dormitory Life

We were recently informed that we were required to put fire extinguishers and security cameras in our dormitories to pass safety inspections. We were able to send $1800 from our construction fund to purchase them, thanks to all that have donated!

This excerpt from a letter written by Catherine Ganyira gives us a picture of life in the girls dormitory. She writes, “Yes, I am doing well and I am living in the dormitory with my friends and our mentor is so lovely, caring, and wonderful. Living there is working out for me because I get more time to be busy with my books. I am hoping to do my end of term 1 exams next week. I thank God for the protection, love, and care He has given you and my family. I am learning new songs and trying to write my own songs. Singing and praising God is part of my life and I love doing it so much.”

Finally, I leave you with a glimpse of one of our classrooms with our kiddos working hard, grateful for the opportunity they’ve been given, because of the love and investment of all of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Much Love,

He who has been stealing must steal no longer, but must work, doing something useful with his own hands, that he may have something to share with those in need. 
Ephesians 4:28