Victory House 🏠 Phase 2 Completed!

Victory House 🏠 Phase 2 Completed!

Dear Friends,

Victory House Phase 2 is complete! Praise God! This is our very first boarding section for our school and it will be a dormitory for girls. We will be able to house 44 girls there, and there are also bathrooms, 4 housing units for our teachers and a housing unit for the Dorm Mother. Here is the layout and some pictures of the completed project!

We started this project in March of 2020 with $5000 and God has graciously provided enough each month to keep the construction moving. We were able to finish the construction for $38,000. The fact that we have been able to complete this project in the midst of the pandemic is even more amazing. Thank you so much to those of you who have prayed and given so generously. It will be such a blessing to our Ugandan family!

This is a picture of our Teacher Diana, who had 8 children living with her in her small two room unit at Victory House last year. This new boarding section will give them all room to breathe!

New Need!

We now need to purchase bunk beds and mattresses for the dormitory. We need 22 bunk beds + 44 mattresses for the girls, and 10 bunk beds + 20 mattresses for boys who will be staying with the teachers on the ground floor until we can build a boys boarding section.

The bunk beds are $120, and two mattresses are $55, or $175 for the set. If you would like to help us buy a bed, mattresses, or a whole set, go to and choose construction fund. Designate your gift for beds for our kids! Thank you so much!

What’s next?

As we complete one project, we are always praying about what’s next. The question that continues to guide us is “What is the greatest need right now?”. The answer to that question is a boarding section for boys. Soooo….our next project, which will get underway this month, is Victory House Phase 3! This will be the third floor of Victory House and consist of a dormitory for boys, bathrooms, a room for the dorm supervisor, a lounge, and one more housing unit for our teachers. Here are the latest plans, drawn by our very own civil engineer, Julie Wandera. 

Pray with us as we embark on this next leg of our construction journey. We are trusting God to provide exactly what we need. On our first trip to Uganda, we were so struck by the deplorable living conditions of our children. I told Herbert that we had to somehow provide better housing for our children, our teachers, our families. We also knew that we were in desperate need of school facilities, with a kitchen and bathrooms. That was in Feb 2017, and in the last four years, God has provided not only two floors of our Victory Primary School, but also two floors of Victory House where teachers and children can live in much better conditions in close proximity to the school. Providing a safe place to live continues to be a priority as we seek to better the lives of the children and families that God has entrusted to our care.

If you would like to buy a bed, or help us with Victory House Phase 3, you can go to and choose construction. Also, you can go to the current projects page to see the latest pictures, progress, and updates!

“Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it” Psalm 127:1a

Don’t forget to pray for your child today <3

Much Love,